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Upcoming Adventures

Our Summer Calendars are Still Being Finalized...
Here are Just a Few of Our Upcoming Events

Join us on May 21st as we visit the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta for a tour of the David J. Spencer CDC Museum! Learn about the CDC's history, it's current work, try on a Biosafety Level 4 Lab Suit, and much more!

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One of our favorite programs from years past is a Group Book-Making project. On June 5th, students will create the story, write the narrative, each student will create a page of the book, and we will publish it online! Come be creative with us!

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If you've never been to the Big Trees Forest Preserve in Sandy Springs, you're missing out on an amazing treasure in the midst of Atlanta's sprawling suburbia. These thirty acres of beautiful forest are nestled amongst the housing developments and car dealerships, all of which disappear as soon as you head down the trails. Join us as we explore the Big Trees Forest Preserve on June 14th.

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And this is only the beginning....Much more will be posted in the coming weeks!

What's New at Homeschool Excursions?

Homeschool Excursions Began Offering Programs in 2004
and Lots Has Happened Since Then

It has always been Homeschool Excursions' mission to offer programs and activities that parents would have a difficult time organizing on their own. This is why when we schedule an event, we always make sure there's something 'extra,' like a backstage tour at the Alliance Theatre following a show, or having a finished project to take home after a craft class. All our activities include hands-on experiential opportunities and we only hire the most experienced instructors to lead our events. Plus, we're always looking for ways to improve our services so please share your thoughts with us.

The resources available to the homeschooling community have expanded greatly in the past 8 years. More venues are offering 'homeschool days' and other activities specifically for the homeschool community, and we think that this is terrific! When we first began offering programs, we frequented many of these venues. Now that they've made their activities more accessible to you, our focus has shifted to working with individual instructors that you may not otherwise have access to.

Here at Homeschool Excursions, we want to continue providing activities that would be difficult to arrange on your own. We're finalizing the details on new educational opportunities that focus on science, nature, arts and culture, and history. But we want to hear from you....What are your kids interested in? What types of programs do you think are important but are lacking? Your opinion is important and we want to hear from you.

We are currently developing a unique program for the Summer....Stay tuned for updates!

A Special Offer

During the past 8 years, we have had the opportunity to work with many gifted educators. Many of our instructors also teach at Earthskills Rendezvous' events each year: Rivercane in the Spring and Falling Leaves in the Fall.

Homeschool Excursions has always encouraged families to attend the Rendezvous events. There are few opportunities in which you'll have access to so many incredible instructors all at once. However, we also realize that if you haven't been before, it's difficult to truly understand what Earthskills is all about.

Here's a brief synopsis.... Earthskills began more than 25 years ago when a few guys got together to share their knowledge of primitive skills. Initially they focused on friction fires, flintknapping (making stone tools), fiber, and foraging for wild food. While these four skills are still primary in focus, classes have evolved to include native crafts, homesteading and sustainable living skills, blacksmithing, and much more including a wide range of programs specifically for kids!

While the registration fees for Earthskills Rendezvous events are an incredible value given that you're getting top-notch instruction twice a day, two meals per day, camping, showers, and evening entertainment, it's tough in these financial times, especially if you've never been before.

That's why we're offering Free Admission to Falling Leaves 2012 for
Two Families that have never attended an Earthskills Event!*
This is a $1200 value!**

What do you have to do?
Students ages 12-19 are eligible to participate.
They must submit an essay to Homeschool Excursions, minimum 700 words, on this topic:

Humans are consumers. To sustain life, we take from the Earth whether it's food, materials for building, fiber for clothing, etc. How can we give back? What are ways that we can reduce our impact on our planet? Explain what you would like to learn at Falling Leaves and how that will help you to live as a responsible resident of our planet.

Contact us for the specific details.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at an upcoming Earthskills event! And while HSE does not sponsor these events, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Here is a link to the Earthskills website.

*Contact HSE if your family is greater than 4 people.
** For 2 adults and 2 students, this is a $1200 value for the week.

And a few more things...

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